Familiar But Different

Bibimbap (bee-beem-bahp) is a very popular Korean dish that means "mixed rice". Often it is served with rice, meat, and assorted vegetables and herbs. However, the recipe differs from region to region in Korea. As a result, a bowl of bibimbap may be packed with aromatic herbs, freshly caught seafood, or mouth-watering Korean barbeque depending on the region. Sometimes, bibimbap is served in a hot stone bowl called “Dol-Sot” or sometimes in a metal bowl. At Bibillia, we gave the traditional Korean bibimbap a twist by inventing a way to preserve the unique Korean taste using non-Korean ingredients while maintaining high quality. We also serve our bibimbap in a biodegradable fiber bowls to keep the earth clean. Bibillia’s bibimbap is a dish that everyone finds familiar but different because of its unique taste with natural ingredients.

What makes Bibillia stand out from the other restaurants, you ask?

Unlike other Korean restaurants, we've put a huge emphasis on two major beliefs: 

1) Your health is important! At Bibillia, we only use the best of the best ingredients possible. And we proudly say there is no MSG used in our food. But don't just believe the words you read and what people say. Try our delicious dishes and feel the difference!

2) Time is everything! Everything moves at a fast pace nowadays. Sometimes, the 30 minutes lunch break is just not enough to satisfy the hunger. When the hunger grows, so does the stress. At Bibillia, delicious meals are prepared quickly without sacrificing the quality to meet your high standards and fast pace lifestyle. 


From the curious ones who explore the untraveled road to ones who walk the path paved by the million steps. Bibillia is the perfect oasis to quench the thirst and satisfy the hunger the body and the mind craves.